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Modern Cube House design is a brilliant idea to create a modern home of your dreams. Along with the concept of modern home today, we not only see one or two designs, but many even so many so that you almost could not decide on the best design for your modern home.

Modern Cube House with White Concrete Walls

The house you see today is a Wooden Cube House, named so because it forms an attractive cube and use of wood in one of the buildings. Viewed at a glance, there is nothing special about this Modern Cube House Decorating with the white fence, but when viewed up close, you’ll see that this is probably the kind of modern home you want; simple, yet comfortable. No wrong to call this house as a wooden cube houses, as can be seen explicitly that a wooden cube looks hidden behind solid walls of white concrete. Wood cube shape which is higher than the white concrete walls stand out so that it can be seen from outside the house as the house consists of two floors.

Modern Cube House Exterior Designs

Exterior design does look much stressed at this house, because it is basically a beautiful exterior design can also be used to relax and unwind. The white wall section outside the cube serves as a patio with outdoor furniture where you can relax while enjoying a cup of coffee in the afternoon. The exterior of the house is also complete with a couple of outdoor chairs and tables that you can use when the sun is friendly. Expanse of green pasture in front of the house gives an impression of nature on this modern house exterior.

Large transparent glass on windows makes you free to look into the house, or vice versa. The Modern Cube House Decorating Ideas interior is designed with minimalist concept.

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