Stunning Minimalist Inspirations for Home Interior Design

Fascinating Kitchen Decor With Wooden Kitchen Set With Orange Counter And White Backsplash

When you’re dealing with home interior design, you know you really can’t take it for granted. Business with interior design is really a serious business you need to be careful with. The interior design itself is quite important for the home design in a whole, because it represents not only the personality of the owner, but sometimes also reflects their social status. And you sure don’t want to give bad impression for your guest with an ugly interior, right?

Now that the design field has grown very rapidly, the choices for interior design seem to be unlimited. You can even combine the concepts and create your very own hybrid interior concept which you find fit you the most. And if you are currently looking for some idea about it, maybe you can try the idea of using minimalist home interior design just like this beautiful residence located in Quebec, Canada. Titled as Queen Residence, this residence is a masterpiece project of Canada-based architect studio, Naturehumaine.

The main concept is to combine minimalist design with the classic touch from the wooden elements. As you can see, minimalist impression is clearly radiated from the simple lines that used on the building structure. This single-floor residence looks quite simple but still stunning on its simplicity. The use of frameless glass windows on some parts of the residence also gives the minimalist image to the building.

But when you step inside, you can see that the minimalist concept is beautifully executed in a unique way. Wooden elements are used on the interior to create luxurious impression which is still in line with the minimalist concept itself. The built in cabinet on the living room for example, is used not only as display that decorates the room but also as room partition between this area and the dining room aside. Those home interior design ideas are quite inspiring, right?

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