Stunning Interior of Penthouse Designs

Carpet Fur Wooden Table Warm Sofa And White Wall Workroom Design Ideas

Not everyone can dream about Penthouse Designs. Luxury apartments with number one quality is indeed very expensive, and only a handful of people with thick pockets that can live in it. But you do not need to worry, this time we will bring you before the penthouse designs so you can even take inspiration from it to design your apartment.

Elegant Color Combination of Penthouse Designs

Penthouse which will be shown this time has a very elegant interior design, in soft neutral colors blend which combines well with a darker color. This Elegant Penthouse Design can be judged from the design of the living room, with a choice of a light beige sofa in luxurious leather upholstery and black wall panel on the back of a flat screen TV. Not only have that, a combination of pallet racks also come in a TV foothold and sofa cushions and a small table in the middle. Another gray color can be found on curtains that adorn the transparent glass window.

Open plan concept in the living room and adjacent dining room makes you can freely watch interior thoroughly. You would be interested in a black accent wall in the dining room with natural wood furniture. a pot of green plants placed in the corner of the room to add a natural impression in this room. Great color combination is neutralized by setting the white paint on the walls and wood floors. Accessories that are not less interesting is the black chandelier in the dining room which appear in contrast with the silver floor lamp in the living room.

Penthouse Designs Kitchen and Bedroom

Not only on the front of the room, a combination of neutral color and contrasting black is also present in several other rooms, such as kitchen, bedroom, even the bathroom. kitchen for example, are designed with glossy black cabinet that comes with backsplash and contrasting white walls, while in the bedroom, a dark gray accents come on the curtains and the bed, and the bright colors of Elegant Penthouse Designs Ideas come from a selection of bedding and carpet colors.

Dark Accent Wall Flat Screen Television And Warm Sofa Wooden Floor

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Dark Grey Curtain Wooden Table And Black Chair Black Hanging Lamp

Fur Carpet Flat Screen Television And Warm Sofa Unique Standing Lamp

Glossy Black Cabinet White Marble Coffee Table And Glass Door

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