Stunning Inspiration for Modern Home Design from Belgium

White Buffet For Room Partition Also Paralel Drop Ceiling Lighting And White Interior Using Black Flooring

Everyone must be agreeing that modern home design is on the top of the list of the home design trend, at least for the past decades. This home design concept has been a phenomenon for beating the classic styled home design that has been ruling the trend for hundred years or so. As the new millennium came on 2000, this home design concept even became more popular because it is seen as the symbol of modernity. What do you think about that?

Talking about modern concept in home design, it is fair enough to say that this concept is accommodating urban people’s demand for an easy living. The design has main concept to simplify everything; the interior, the decoration, the furniture design, and anything that related to home design. And sure, just because it is simple, it doesn’t mean that it is not interesting. Just like this unique modern home design from Belgium which shows us an attractive application of modern design concept.

Designed by PB Architects and titled as The House LKS, this house is pretty much adopting the minimalist concept in almost every part of the home design. The room layout is designed to be simple but tasty, with the use of white color as the baseline color for the interior. It is then combined with some striking colors like yellow and tosca in some parts to get colorful impression. What a great idea, right?

It is not only the interior color that interesting; the interior design is also a stunning showcase. The semi-open balcony for example, is equipped with an indoor swimming pool which visually connected to the balcony through transparent glass. This swimming pool is separated from the living room by a glass flip door which can easily be opened to create full access to the pool. These modern home design ideas are great, right?

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