Stunning House Remodeling on the Hillside

White Modern Work Chair Wooden Bar Table With Hanging Lamps

When you find that your house is no longer comfortable to live in, you would be thinking about House Remodeling, or even a whole house renovation. No matter how small, home renovations are needed to keep it livable. Renovations will give you the freedom to determine the function of each room without having to move to another place.

House Remodeling on the Hill

Many people who may be reluctant to do Modern House Remodeling, with consideration of cost that is not small and spend a lot of time. One home remodeling ideas that may inspire is a house located in Bellevue, Washington, USA. Built in the hills, this two-story house offers stunning natural scenery. When viewed from a distance you will find that these homes appear to emerge from under the green trees. Warmth and comfort are two aspects that are offered by this modern home. Wide and transparent window offers access to green scenery outside.

House Remodeling in Modern Style

Open plan concept is applied in this home has been successfully brings together three public spaces at once, the lounge, dining room and modern kitchen. Wood floors and beige walls become an excellent setting for contemporary furniture in it. This neutral setting gives you the freedom to put furniture in a variety of colors, both neutral colors and bright colors, such as yellow and purple chair laying striking in the living room. Modern kitchen comes with an island kitchen concept complete with a serving table and two bar stools with metal frame. White ball-shaped chandelier beautifies this modern kitchen. An armed white chair and desk with a computer on it gives you peace of mind in working with outside scenery that can be seen through the wide transparent window.

For bathroom design, this Modern House Remodeling Ideas uses a modern concept with a floating sink and shower enclosure of transparent glass that offers comfort while bathing.

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Fresh Bathroom Design White Bathtub White Sink With Wooden Drawer

Great Modern Hillside House Facade Hanging Balcony Wooden Material

Modern Bathroom Design Glass Panel Two Mirror White Sink Wooden Drawer

Modern Hillside House Wooden Wall Material With Outdoor Fireplace

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