Stunning Futuristic Home Design So Tough with Metallic Component

Tremendous Above Ground Swimming Pool With Blue Water And Beautiful City View

Find more references to remodel old home design into new one. It is best place where you will see inspiring house design bringing out futuristic ideas. Luxurious residence seems so tough because of metal and concrete composing house. Glass wall make shiny look toward house exterior. Futuristic Home Design built based on contemporary architecture has great swimming pool. Large swimming pool around grassy backyard indicates luxurious taste. While you swim in above ground swimming pool, you can enjoy wonderful town overlooking.

Relax on chaise lounge chairs in patio while looking at precious scenery is able to refresh your mind. Panton chairs and outdoor furniture are set nearby swimming pool. Patio with concrete floor and tough pillars is beautified with colorful flowers. Fiber glass above corridor gives bright view. Tough pillars crafted of metal meld with concrete floor. Artistic painting is adhered on concrete wall to give fascinating view. Futuristic Home Design ideas supported with great metallic pillars seem so durable and tough.

To get upstairs, you can walk through glass staircase supported with metallic railing. Ceiling lights enlighten this spacious room. Eccentric furniture is set on dark stone floor for lovely room component. Elegant sofa and glossy black coffee table are suitable with stone floor. Wood cabinet in high gloss finish is utilized to store antique ornaments. Attractive painting that brings high artistic value. Glossy silver billiard table is placed in front of concrete fireplace embellished with gun ornament.

The Luxurious Futuristic Home Design ideas tend to be dominated with glossy metal. Stainless steel kitchen set including range hood, kitchen island and kitchen cabinet. Kitchen island is layered with marble countertop. Peaceful dining room furnished with round dining table and novel side chairs let you see freshening garden through glass wall. Sparkling crystal chandelier is fitted on ceiling above dining set.

Unique Living Room Design Rustic Concrete Wall Pink Billiard Table Dark Stone Floor

Futuristic Home Facade Glass Wall And With Outdoor Swimming Pool

Round Dining Table With Classic Wooden Chair Crystal Hanging Lamps

Great Garden Design Grassy Yard With Some Trees Stone Block Stepping Way

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