Stunning Contemporary House with Wood Designs

Contemporary House Terrace Made Of Wooden Material Covered With Dried Leaves

If you are planning to build a home or renovate your house, Contemporary House concept can be an inspiration. This time we will bring you explore contemporary home which is the result of renovation by Pablo Jendretzki located in Sag Harbor, New York. Not only in terms of contemporary design, this house is also Eco-friendly and sustainable.

Wooden Exterior of Contemporary House

Building a Sustainable Contemporary House that environmentally friendly is developed by the many architects lately. This is due to human consciousness about the environment is getting better from year to year. The concept of a sustainable and environmentally friendly can be presented on the selection of building materials, air circulation, up to choice of transparent window that allows sunlight into the house, thereby reducing electricity usage during the day. This concept is applied in home renovation that you see. Wood materials that blend with the nature become the choice to cover the entire wall of the house, and a transparent glass window width. Wood is also playing on the roof, pillars, and even fence.

Contemporary House with Minimalist Interior

Not only the outside of the house, the inside also dominated with wood, around the core elements; ceilings, floors, and walls. What made it looks interesting, the wall and floor units here arranged in wood panels and beams with horizontal stripes that real, made an interesting geometric pattern on the interior of the house without having to difficult to install wallpaper or wall stickers. Wood furniture is also the top choice of interior design. To look away from the interior of the all-brown wood, a modern chandelier-shaped ball of stainless steel adorns the ceiling.

Minimalist concept is also a concept that was chosen to design the interior, especially in the dining room. You only see an oval shaped wooden dining table with four wooden dining chairs around it. Wall on one side that is opposite of the wooden wall in Sustainable Contemporary House Designs is made in brick accents that arranged arising is really steal the show in this room.

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