Stunning Condo Design with Green Panorama View

Beautiful Inner Yard And Green Sprawling Lawn In Amazing Private Condo Ideas With Outdoor Green Plants And Glass Window Also White Concrete Wall And Glass Door Plus Outdoor Swimming Pool

To make you feel more comfortable, there are many things which you can do. Build a house with comfortable design will be a good way. Not only for a house, but you can also use the condo design to build a comfortable private condo. In this place, the family members will be able to spend their time happily. One of the interesting designs which you can use as an inspiration is the Cachalotes House. Oscar Gonzalez Moix is presented this design to help the people to get the best design for their living.

The interesting point in this house is the interior and its beautiful inner yard. With green grass all over the yard, it will be a perfect place for you to play with your family members. The combination of concrete, glass and wood materials make this house very attractive. The white concrete wall is completed with floor-to-ceiling glazed windows and wooden wall. In this condo design idea, you can also found a swimming pool in the inner yard.

A comfortable terrace is also available in this house. With a high wooden ceiling, this terrace looks so natural. Wooden long chairs with white lather are placed in this terrace. Brown sofas also placed in this space. With the concrete flooring, this terrace look is very interesting. To protect you, wide glazed trellises are installed here. You will be able to see the beautiful outside view without feeling worried here.

Near the terrace, the floor-to-ceiling glazed windows are placed as the separator of it and the inside. The Inside, the hardwood floor is used. There are some white sofas which placed around the wide glazed table. A brown rug is placed under these sofas and table. Near there, a rounded wooden table is placed. The wooden chairs around it make the table more interesting. Making your own condo design plan will be easier if you use this design as your idea and inspiration.

Comfortable Terrace And High Wooden Ceiling In Awesome Private Condo Design With Stone Tile Floor And Wide Glazed Trellises Also White Concrete Wall With Outdoor Potted Plants And Glass Door

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Green Sprawling Lawn And Outdoor Swimming Pool In Inspiring Private Design With Green Spruce And Wide Glazed Trellises Also Glass Door With White Wall And Wooden Wall Plus Glass Window

Green Sprawling Lawn In Comfortable Private Condo Design Idea With White Concrete Wall And Flat Roof Also Glass Window With Wooden Wall And Outdoor Standing Lamp Plus Beautiful Inner Yard

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