Stunning Black and White Interior Design for Apartment

Fantastic Dark Floor Black Interior Design For Apartment With Ornamental Mirror Frame

The elegant apartment nowadays tried to mix and match with black and white interior, especially for inside of room. From the floor design until the furniture design has similar theme of colors. That neutral color is also easy to be mixed and matched again with other colors like purple, yellow, or others. The wall design also has some padded panels which has those kinds of colors. Cabinets, tables, chairs, sofas, until small things like photo frame also deliberately designed with that combination of colors. The lighting for every room also can be designed uniquely. There is one spot which has blue light, and it looks adorable, because the neutral color of main room theme can be unity with those kinds of colors. The book shelves, dining sets, kitchen sets, bathroom sets, and bedroom sets too also have sense of black also white colors.

Black and White Interior Setting

The interior which used those kinds of colors is great and unique, where people can enjoy its nuance differently. The interior are full of similar color. Black and white interior concept deliberately designed by people who are much loved with those colors. The elegant sense is appeared on that design. Started from floor design consist from both colors, and has special or unique ornaments. The ornament formed into abstract design which tends to be form of plants or flowers. The one side of floor will be black, and other side will be white. The ornament itself in the middle of meeting from both of colors. The interior in family room is very completed with existence of some furniture. The sofas are black, and pillows are black. The wall design consists from black on one side and white on one for the rest side. The ceiling design consists from white color and completed by black covered of lamps. The curtain which completes that room is belonging to black. The fireplace also designed into smart black form of fireplace.

The fireplace is unique, it seems like unreal. Because there are no wood which become main fuel for fireplace. It is like an electrical fireplace. For television spot is belong to black, including cover lamp which has blue lighting. The dining set is white, then for kitchen combination of both colors. The bedroom has black padded panels, and white bed. However, for television spot inside of bedroom is black. The bathroom also has same design of color. The wall design belongs to white, and the mirror has unique model of frame, where it designed with silver color and unique ornaments. Then, for toilet spot designed very well with black tiles, and completed by electrical mirror, also unique ornaments from lamps frame.

Black and White Interior Appearance

The colors always play good role for interior inside of house living. People can choose what kind of theme for their interior house design, and what kind of colors too. The combination of colors is also great, where some rooms can have a good spots to do some activities. Black and white interior combination becomes one of alternative for interior which prior colors as best design for inside of apartment.

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