Stunning Beach House with Refreshing Color Splash

Fantastic Balcony Decor With Wooden Deck Floor And Small Wooden Table Set

The Palm Beach House project designed by Vaughn McQuarrie definitely will enchant you with the gorgeous wooden details for the interior, as well as the minimalist detail of the exterior that is covered in white tone. This beach house is located in Auckland, New Zealand and surrounded by lush vegetation that will refresh you whenever you walk on the terraces. The smell of the salty water, the sound of the wave, and the view of sea are definitely unbeatable.

This three leveled modern beach house knows the advantage of its location, thus it provides plenty windows for you to enjoy the outdoor view whenever and wherever, plus the terraces you can use as the lounge area. The terrace itself is the perfect spot to embrace all of the natural elements surroundings, from the lush green vegetation until the refreshing salty sea water. Overall, the interior exploits the wooden tone and texture extensively, creating the cozy vibe flowing through spaces. It is also not an exception for the terrace, which is decorated with weathered chairs and table as to emphasize the beach vibe. The staircase as the connection for each level is also made of weathered wooden material.

Dominated in natural tone, it does not mean that this house is lack of decorative detail. For example is in an airy living room, which is created as an open space with the use of transparent glass doors. This space utilizes the neutral shade of cream tone for the comfortable sofas. Hint of bold red can be seen as the splash of refreshing tone on the rug and a modern chair that is located alongside the glass door. The hint of red can be seen from the choice of the bedding as well.

Other splash of color as part of this modern beach house design is the hint of refreshing lime green on the spiral staircase indoors. On the kitchen, you can also see the lime green accent on the cabinetry, as well as the hint of bold red on the sink. The kitchen itself is designed in contemporary style. The dining set is located on this space as well. The stunning pendant lighting is hanging above the rustic wooden dining table that is equipped with modern sleek dining chairs in white tone. The kitchen is also equipped with windows in sufficient amount that will be perfect for air circulation.

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