Stunning Beach House in Minimalist Design

Fantastic Beach House Bedroom White Bed Transparent Glass Window

Are you thinking of building Beach House? Convenience is a major factor that we want when building a house, but we also cannot ignore other factors, such as scenery that we will get out of the house, especially when it comes about building a vacation home. Vacation homes are usually built on the edge of town to avoid the noise and crowds of the city. Vacation is supposed to make up our minds refresh so that it can return to activity with a new spirit.

Beach House on the Rocks

Beach has long been known as a vacation spot that many people enjoy. Apart because it can do a variety of activities such as swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, we also cannot forget the wonders of the sea like a refreshing sea breeze, the sun and even the sound of the waves hitting the rocks. Modern Beach House that is built on top of the rocks is the dream of many people, because then we can enjoy a vacation at the beach with our heart’s content. One of the vacation homes built with modern concept is a house built by Read Abillama Architects in Lebanon. The location which is on the rocks with a white sand beach is very interesting, especially with a large and blue swimming pool.

Beach House Interior Designs

This modern house designed with minimalist concept, where you will not find a lot of furniture in it. Otherwise, this house is designed so that people who live in them can enjoy the free entertainment. For example in the living room, rather than put a large cabinet or sofa that takes place, the room was just filled with two recliners and two speakers that let you listen to music out loud. Minimalist concept can also be found in the bedroom, with a bed of white and transparent windows that presents views of the deep blue sea you once you open your eyes in the morning.

You also get natural sensation while bathing in Modern Beach House Design with a shower enclosure made of a transparent glass that looks to the outside.

Modern Beach House Concept White Wall Facade

Nice Beach House Bathroom Design Transparent Glass Window

Unique Black Couch Shape Grafitti Wall Marble Floor

Amazing Beach House Design Stone Wall White Sand

Beach House Basement Stairs Made Of Marble Rustic Wooden Wall

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