Stunning Apartment Redesign: Playing With Space

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This beautiful apartment is a credit for Kariouk Associates, in apartment redesign project, which the client is living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. For the existing design doesn’t fit the client’s aesthetic needs, for the previous one is designed to be rigid and static circulation oriented. Each room with different function is expressed obviously with partition walls.

The concept of bringing flowing circulation and adding features to fit with the existing size, and all of these are not an easy task. The apartment design ideas can be different according its peculiar circumstance, as redesigning the existing is a different matter. While the previous design accentuated on rigid function of each rooms, the new design concept create the circulation flows dynamically, removing the partition of the rooms to emphasize the spacious effect, and this idea is followed by separating the function of the room visually with something unusual, a shower room, not a massive wall. The idea is pictured smoothly and elegantly, the shower and adjacent rooms are in tone, and the shape of the shower room is created as oval form, to counterbalance the geometric forms of interiors. Partition walls are used to cover the bedrooms. Modern accent obviously radiated from its scenery. The shower room with oval shape, finished with glass material to add spacious effect while the user can view its surroundings, including the outside the apartment view, beautiful town scenery.

Modern touch clearly visible on the interiors, as the construction of steel, down light armament and spotlight illumination, glass material to add the connection between indoor and outdoor area, combined gorgeously and complement one another. A good architectural approach done on this apartment redesign, escalate to an astounding masterpiece.

To meet the user’s needs and the space optimization, is what the good apartment does. But at some point, these criteria all not always resemble the user’s desire. Therefore, an apartment design should be developed to meet the suitable market.

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