Striking Contemporary Residence with Smart Arrangements

Natural Environment Of Contemporary Residence Wide Opn Lawn With Some Trees

Located near the railway, this contemporary residence is picturing how a house can be smartly arranged with using Eco-green label residence. As other contemporary house design this house is using flat roof and the touch of wooden plank interior walls. But the most interesting idea of this house is because the elevating house design which makes the house looks like a floating houseboat. This is because the soil is not sturdy enough to hold the house and then the house need to be elevated by steel beams and creating floating images.

Entering the house you will need to get pass through the ramp and go straight to the deck where you going to find a nice seating venue while enjoying fast trains come and go. The contemporary residence design is adapting natural environment and using used items to build it. Rustic ambience is gathering from the use of wood planks around the house and the metal roof.

But once you entering the house you will be surprised with the cleanliness and sophisticated of the contemporary interior design. In this open floor house plan you can see it all living in not so wide area. But since the use of white walls paint, big window opener and high ceiling creates more spacious images. The sustainable energy is feeling closed in this house with the use of reclaimed wood. You can see it from the wooden planks flooring, living room coffee table and even in the stairs steps. The originality of reclaimed wood bring rustic atmosphere in this contemporary home.

To accommodate small space in the house you can see the smart arrangements with placing living room area with L shape contemporary sofa back to back with the long dining table. The kitchen is placed next to the living room with quite tall kitchen table in red which allows showing off different between the areas. Standing shelves on the walls is places to show off books and some dinnerware. Of course for more delightful contemporary residence design ideas, you are free to browse below photo gallery.

Astounding Contemporary Residence With Most Of Wooden Material Railroads View

Beautiful Living Space With L Shaped Sofa And Rustic Wooden Table Joined Kitchen Island

Bedroom Interior Design Of Contemporary Residence White Bed And Neat Book Shelves

Contemporary Bathroom Residence White Bathtub And Frostic Glass Window

Contemporary House 2013 Wooden Plank Wall And Metal Roof Design

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