Stones Hotel Design in Hills Area

The Natural Carved Wall Interior

This is one of cool hotel design, where almost a whole of building made with stones. There are many white stones which already used by hotel’s owner for their hotel building. This hotel also located in hills area, where beautiful mountain becomes a good view from that hotel. Actually, there are some other buildings which exist near of hotels. The environment around of hotel looks very ancient and beautiful. It seems like some people still let their selves to live in old area, with old or ancient buildings. Then, with that kind of uniqueness, some people deliberately make hotels for tourists who want spend their holiday time in that area. It because of that place already becomes a tourism place. The main outside design look very beautiful with old design. Then, for inside part of hotel consist from modern furniture. The setting of furniture also looks very adorable, where there is a good nuance which already appeared in each room.

Stones become an adorable material, if it can be arranged as well. Unique hotel design deliberately designed with stones arrangement, where most of them consist from white color. Limestone becomes one of a kind material which builds that hotel. Actually, that building has been old, where there are some other buildings which also exist around that hotel. Then, most of building already existed from a long time ago, where ancient people still alive.

Then, inside design of room also designed with a nice concept. There is a mixing between ancient model and modern model. The ancient model always looked on outside part, where exterior is very unique with limestone arrangement. Then, for modern aspect can be seen from the existence of furniture. Each room also has its stone detail, where there are still natural stones which form that room. People deliberately make a hotel in that area condition, because it still rare and different with other hotel concept. The owner also make inside of hotel to become little bit modern with furniture existence.

Actually, people or tourist can live in that hotel, while they look around and go surround that city. This hills area already become a nice panorama, where in there lay mountain, and covered by limestone, so all of region seems covered with white color. Hills hotel design can be one of alternative for people who want different holiday in their life.

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