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No body want the spacious loft in a mess condition, Messy loft is not always come from trash, but also from small items scattered everywhere. Let’s think how to make those items go back to their house just as shelves in modern way.

Modern spacious loft is what will be the first criteria of this loft. White is the second criteria to choose when desiring clean house. Apply white on painted wall, brick painted wall, kitchen counters, kitchen surface, door, racks, bed, almost everywhere! But leave some parts for another color. Woody floor will not bore the appearance of house. Add grey sofa since grey is listed as modern color. The same wood color will direct to bedstead and stairs. Bathroom is a must to be colored in white. Dark wood bathroom counter can be the only one which contrasts the bright bathroom. For the top spot that used for balcony, plant green grass with plants bordering one side of the balcony.

For storage idea, use stairs for the storage is the nowadays way to make. Make the shelf in square, fitted with how square the stairs are. Those shelves can be used to put towels, napkins, and other fabric that is needed. Choose kitchen cabinets which have shelves in every part of it, so small items can be put inside.

When choosing white as the theme for loft, choose the brightest one to give the feel of clean around the loft. Don’t forget to keep it clean because white color can be easily spotted by dust. Use the shelves as what it is needed closely. So, going up and down the stairs are not the thing to do while doing something. Choosing white furniture for loft interior design is not always in white, but other colors can accompany to cheer it.

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