Splendid Clean Building for Simplicity Lovers

Flat Roof White Wall Green Grass White House Design Idea

Simple and sleek design must be primary values which deserved from clean building. Monovolume architecture + design are created M2 House in Italy to conform this style. Completing by hill layout, this building must be tempting especially for simplicity lovers.

Clean Building Reviews

Here are some photo examples of sophisticated residence. Box shapes with two floors up is become the façade look of clean building concept. There is rectangular swimming pool at front yard area with a set of outdoor furniture in white color for meeting point purposed. Glass windows are installed all over the building and the unique thing is they can be covered by blind curtains’ set then it just looks like garage. Sharp line is available from exterior texture, box shape of this building required acute angle at each building’s side. The glass material is installed following those angles as the edge of second floor design.

Outdoor stair is build besides the main building with glass staircase to step up into the second floor area. However, living room is designed with box ceramic tile wallpaper in white palette combined with dotted ceramic flooring in pastel color. There is no wooden storage instead of attached cabinet as holes in wallpaper design. Velvet sofa is matched with white coffee table besides wooden stair interior. Wooden stair is used because living room space is designed in sunken style.

Clean Building Inspiration

Furthermore, clean kitchen area is applied by the use of monochrome bar stool, wooden kitchen cabinet, white backsplash, and LED lighting with bright beam. White space is also used for hallway which connected public space and private area. There is a deck of course at upper level with mini garden and clean lines fence installed at there. Those reviews might be giving inspiration for clean building modern concept which keeps environmental value blending with sharp design.

Glass Windows White Ceiling Glossy Black Floor Table Dining Room

Glossy Black Floor White Wall White Coffer Table White Ceiling

Green Grass White Wall Large Glass Windows White House Design Idea

Green Spruce White Wall Glass Windows Flat Roof

Green Spruce White Wall Glass Windows White House Design

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