Special Things You Can Find in the Wall House by And’Rol

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The Wall House may not be the one that you have ever heard of. Even so, you have to know that it is a really special home building that is created by And’Rol. Of course the specialty of this house is not only because it is made by a named architecture company or because this house is located in such an uncommon location. Instead, it is also about the fact that the exceptional design of this Wall House And’Rol.

Just like its name, it is so sure that the most special part of this Wall House is the walls. You have to know that the special walls meant here tend to refer more to the exterior walls that can directly be seen without entering it. These walls are special because it is made to be textured by letting the cement mixture that is used to attach each concrete brick without being tidied. The pops-out cement is the one that create such a special textured view of the exterior wall of the Wall House building, which is known to be dominated with greyish color.

The interior of Wall House seems to be created with modern minimalist design. If the exterior looks rather bold because of the textured wall, the three-level interior is different because it is more proper to be called as simple-looking. This spacious interior is not really decorated a lot. The furniture that is placed in there also limited in those which are needed only. One key point that can be found in there is that the rather strong greyish look in the exterior and in some parts of the interior is soften by the addition of some colorful details, such as cessions, pillows, and also curtains. Besides, there are also some colorful decorations can be found, such as the decorations placed on kitchen countertops of this house.

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Awesome Modern Minimalist Design With Pendant Lamp And Wooden Staircase Red Curtain White Wall Orange Dining Table

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