Sophisticated Resort around the Beach

Wooden Deck Terrace With Plantation And Rattan Chairs

Sunbathing in a terrace of a resort around the beach is definitely relaxing. You can enjoy the view without feeling hot and getting burnt by the sun because the roof of the resort protects you. But, usually, there is still rare resort built around the beach. If there are, they are build a monotone and boring concept. We often see villas which are built like the ordinary homes around the beach. People get bored with the villas but they don’t have the other choices. So, it is your turn to make people relax and enjoy the beach even more by building a different but sophisticated resort around the beach.

Concreted villa or resort is so mainstream that make people bored. Thus, you have to look for another idea for your resort, which is sophisticated resort made of wood. Choose wood as the main material for your resort, starting from flooring, walls, roof to furniture. For some rooms like bedroom and bathroom, you don’t have to build it from wood. But still, you can put some wooden furniture to accomplish your concept. For flooring, although not all rooms should be installed wood flooring, but you have to install it in the terrace of the resort. It gives fresh and relax nuance to your guests.

Although your resort faces the beautiful beach, but a pool is necessary to build for them who want to swim around the resort. Moreover, making pool in your resort will blend the concept of your resort with the beach itself. When the guests are inside the resort, they can still feel the atmosphere of the beach because of the pool you make. Besides for swimming, you can make a pool in which there is lounge above. Thus, while enjoying meals, the guests can also feel relaxation looking at the pool. Besides pool, don’t forget too to plant plants such as coconut tree and the other plant around your sophisticated resort to make it green and comfortable even more.

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