Sophisticated Modern Stylish Residence in Open Space

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The name of this modern stylish residence is taken by the location it sets of Chiswick, a Sidney suburb, Australia. Chiswick Residence is a large family residence feature two-story, spacious terrace, sophisticated exterior and interior, and amazing view of waterfront in the backyard. The facade has not described its luxury but already shown modernity, since there is flat minimalist landscape design with a combination of some materials, metal, aluminum brick, and wood.

Modern Stylish Residence: the Kitchen and Dining Space

We will not know the whole house architecture if we do not enter the interiors. The first area we find after passing a wooden front door is a spacious area for three spaces all at once, a kitchen, a dining space, and a living space. The kitchen is furnished by white high gloss furniture of the custom cabinet, counter, and island, while the dining space offers warmer furniture of a wooden dining table and six black chairs. Some cute pendant lamps on the ceiling give more ornaments inside the modern stylish residence design.

Modern Stylish Residence: the Living Space

Passing the kitchen and dining space, there is a living space features a white sofa bed and a flat screen TV over a high gloss coffee table. In the back space of the sofa, two adorable red couches and a geometric rug set for a lounge area face a modern fireplace in granite surface. The house is designed in open space that some large sliding glass doors are installed to connect the interior to the terraces which there has been an infinity pool face the waterfront.

Bright, spacious, and clean are the impression we get in this residence. It is very bright and open by the glass doors and windows to bring in fresh air as the replacement of air conditioner. The clean impression is from the neutral and minimalist furniture and interior applied. The amazing view is the main concern of its construction that the homeowners wish to have maximum visual around. Sophisticated modern stylish residence design is the best architecture in the middle of nature.

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