Sophisticated Modern Residence Keeping Natural Values

Terracota Brick Wall Glass Door Panel With Stainless Door Handle

There are some beautiful environment that must be stunning place to build a residence, however since the improvement of housing idea, it being possible to build modern residence even at city land. People whom thought that impossible to get true combination of modest building and natural environment should be checking this review. Proper material and shape are two main values that serving high quality residence which is not missing natural value from original environment.

Let see how some materials combined to build open space at housing area located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Compact style is dominant feature from the façade of modern residence style with the use of brick, wooden, and glass material. This house coming up with two floors up where both of them having glass installation which functioned as window and door structure. Palm trees are planted at the edge of the house while some shrubs and flowery plant are combining with natural stone terrace flooring. Green grass area is completing the home façade while mini wooden step way is becoming the master cross to the front door.

Moreover, terracotta brick wall décor at exterior space is giving natural sophisticated ambience which also giving effect for the interior design. Slim and sleek design providing by glass installation is gaining perfect look with simple furniture such as dark wooden bench kitchen table, dark high glass kitchen island, and metal hook while white glossy overhead kitchen storage is matched with black marble kitchen backsplash that making everlasting monochrome combination that instantly delivering modest ambience.

Besides, black wooden wall separator is delivering high performance by combined with sand marble flooring palette while floating staircase without railway instead wooden stepping way is connected the first floor with the higher ones. For keeping natural sensation, glass hallway with mini garden is build at the second floor of modern residence compact style with coral stone flooring effect.

Transparent Glass Door Natural Stones Rustic Concrete Plant Vases

White Wall With Black Wooden Wall Separator Combined With Sand Marble Flooring Palette

Black Wooden Kitchen Island With Dark Marble Surface Overhead Kitchen Storage

Fantastic Modern Residence Wide Open Lawn With Green Grass And Mini Wooden Step Way

Marvelous Floating Wooden Staircase With Wall Rail Banister Connecting First Floor With The Upper

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