Sophisticated Luxurious Hotel in Switzerland

Elegant Hotel Coffee Lounge With Wooden Furniture And Large Transparent Glass Window For  Mountain View

Luxurious Hotel could be the right one alternative as a comfortable place to stay while you spend the holidays with family. Vacation in winter is a must for most people, and one of the much-loved tourist
destinations is Switzerland. If you happen to have a winter vacation plans here, then The Tschuggen Grand Hotel could be the most suitable place to live for all your holiday needs. This hotel is not only equipped with comfortable bedrooms and a range of facilities, but also the interior and exterior design that makes your holiday unforgettable.

Just by looking from the outside, you will instantly fall in love with this Luxurious Hotel Designs. what else if not for the imposing building among mountains, white snow, and the trees almost hiding it. Not only that, the visitors even pampered with special transportation, Tschuggen Express, a train that leads you to the hotel, with stunning natural scenery surrounding. But anyway, you will not be missed from the pieces of glass semi-circle as a gateway to the hotel which can be seen when you cross train.

This hotel features a terrace and balcony on the upper floor which is equipped with outdoor furniture such as wooden chairs with padded cushions and a wooden table in the center, where visitors can enjoy a delicious breakfast while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding scenery. Other facilities at the hotel is an outdoor swimming pool with a fountain and lounge chairs at the edges. Anyone who swims here also presented the beauty of the mountains in the distance.

Bedrooms with a soft bed welcome you to get quality rest. This bedroom also comes with a brown sofa and armchairs where you can relax while reading a magazine. Padded headboard cushions in a variety of shades are a focal point in this bedroom. What makes this Luxurious Hotel Designs Interior even more unique is that this headboard comes in different shades and colors in each room, such as orange, brown, yellow, and blue.

Magnificent Outdoor Swimming Pool With Fountain And Natural Stone Wall

Astounding Outdoor Balcony For Dining Area With Wooden Table And Padded Cushion Chairs

Great Transportation Lead To Hotel With Tschuggen Express And Beautiful Scenery

Marvelous Tscuggen Grand Hotel Landscape On Mountain

Fabulous Tschuggen Grand Hotel Receptionist With Wooden Front Desk

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Elegant-Hotel-Coffee-Lounge-With-Wooden-Furniture-And-Large-Transparent-Glass-Window-For -Mountain-View


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