Smart Bright Terrace as Stunning Outdoor Design

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The bright terrace must be great place to sharing and chit chat with friend or family. However, there are some cases that need to be considered such as choosing right items which have proper function, locating them at the right corner, and applying proper colour for this outdoor space.

Take a glance look into a house surrounding by lush vegetation located in Peru. The modest bright terrace is a part of compact building with bright palette as combination of white and red colour. Natural stone stepping way is installed across the main building while some vegetation and shrubs are plant along the mini garden space. As an open space building style, transparent look comes from glass material is installed to let people access natural scenery even at indoor space. The most stunning thing from this house is its bold red terrace with the use of industrial red terrace ceiling which delivering sophisticated attention to furniture detail which having painted in natural colour.

Natural stone flooring is installed then combined with monochrome leather sofa, rectangular glass table which reflecting the ceiling shade, and short hue glass separator to differentiating outdoor seating space with another area such as sunbathing space with a couple of monochrome sun bed which located beside dining area with high glass dining table facing wooden arm chair. Moreover, pool made from natural stone in mosaic detail is enhancing environmental touch belong to open space style.

Furthermore, the bar area is also unique with yellow stripes kitchen island with sand kitchen backsplash palette combined with monochrome bar stool while round glass table with stone table leg is smart way to express serenity environment. Master bedroom is painted in grey colour while transparent glass standing shower door has matched with blue and green colour flooring as primary choice to let the modest bright terrace design becomes true.

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