Simple Symmetric Modern Residence with Less Ornaments and Accessories

Green Grass Black Modern House Design Idea White Wall Glass Windows

Visiting Funs, Sante Fe, Argentina, there is the Casa Miraflores, a symmetric modern residence. The use of neutral colors and minimalist design become the main point in building this modern house. The local architect company prefers choosing black as the exterior and combining it with white for the inner window forms. It is constructed in an extensive land which gives the occupants large lawn with green grass to the whole lawn.

The Exterior Design of Symmetric Modern Residence

It is a cubical house with sharp edges and flat roof; totally describe modernity in symmetric modern residence design. The minimalist design provides some diagonal roofs that cause funky landscape. As a modern house, there must be floor-to-ceiling windows to bring in the natural lighting and replace the using of lamps in the noon day. The backyard is its impressive element of a pool with white stone and wooden liners, without any lounge chairs and outdoor decorations in the neither porch nor backyard.

The Interior Design of Symmetric Modern Residence

A red sofa in the living space becomes the only bright color in this house. It looks eye-catching along the white and grey accents around, but in the same time be the main focus. Behind the living place, there is a dining space and an ultra-modern kitchen features high gloss countertops and white kitchen furniture. The floating staircase beside the red sofa brings you to the second floor where you can find the private areas of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Its minimalist exterior does not give any description of the stylish interior. The good arrangement of the furniture and less decoration is the focus point to impress everyone who comes inside the house. That method is maybe as the solution of its medium house size and the homeowners want to make it larger visual without giving many furniture and accessories. The simple symmetric modern residence design even looks stylish and cool than the neighbors.

Large Glass Windows Black Minimalist Modern House Design White Floor Flat Roof

Modern Minimalist House Design At Night View Natural Lighting Glass Windows Pool

White Ceiling Green Grass Black Minimalist Modern House Design

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