Simple House Idea Inspired by the Kimber Modern Hotel

Awsome White Unique Sofa With White Small Dining Table And White Dining Chairs And Inspiring White Design Dining Room

It is possible for you to improve your house just like the Kimber Modern hotel. It is a hotel located in Austin, Texas, USA. The unique design was coming from Baldridge Architects. The special part of this hotel is the use of white color and colorful decorative accessories. It can be a great simple house idea to apply.

The Use of a Slopping Zig Zag Scheme

It can be applied in your house because the hotel is also a short and tiny hotel. The location of the hotel is at 110 The Circle, South Congress. This hotel is using a unique idea in which it uses a sloping zig-zag scheme along with open plan sizeable courtyard. The main function of the slope structure is to create a kind of nest. Although it is known as a small hotel but it consists of 5 rooms. This is including laundry facilities, bathrooms, bedroom, and breakfast area. It is also possible for you to bring your team because the hotel is supported by an office for your working group. Semi hidden deck housing is placed to give more rooms for conference. The open space is built by managing a living room directly to the best view there.

The Way to Create Environmentally Friendly Building

This is also the example of green building idea. This is concerning to the use of hyper efficient mechanical system. The system is only using a single heat pump powered by a micro processor. The natural ventilation is designed by the use of operable windows. Moreover, the hotel is using thickened exterior along with a cement board rain screen. The simplicity of the hotel is shown on the use of neutral color and considered as classical color, white especially for the walls. To give contrast for the white color, colorful decorative accessories are used here. For example, you can see a lamp with red color, colorful painting, blue sofa pillow, and simple black bookcase.


Green Grass With Glass Window Glass Door And Car Park White Car

Inspiring Simple Black Bookcase With Brown Pattern Carpet And Large Glass Window White Unique Sofa

Large Glass Window With White Bed And White Fan Ceiling Gray Curtain White Pillows Gray Sofa Gray Carpet

Outdoor Green Plants With Wooden Floor And Blue Pillows

White Round Dining Table With White Dining Chairs And White Cabinet Kitchen Steel Faucet White Design Dining Room Idea

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