Simple Home Design with Wooden Material Inspiration

Contemporary Two Story House Design In Green Lush Vegetation With Glass Exterior

Do you want to make simple home design as house plan? Simple will make the home get larger. Simple design is not always mean that can be applied in small home space. But, simple design can be applied in every home sizes. Actually, simple design makes your life easier because there are not many interior designs which must be ready to increasing the room performance. The benefit of this design is you can keep your money economically. You can use your money for more important thing for your future. This simple design will be nice which is combined with wooden material like Aguas Claras House which is designed by Ramon Coz+Benjamin Ortiz. This home show great performance from combination between wooden material and simple design. Here are some pictures of the home from Ramon Coz+Benjamin Ortiz.

Related on the statements before, there are some pictures of simple home design ideas with wooden material. The performance of the home from the outside is like a simple home with nice design. Some trees are standing in front of the home. And, the wall of the home comes from glass with wooden edge. The home has two floors with square shapes. The terrace of the home is a lot of gravels in gray color. Then, the ceiling lines on the roof model. So, the sunrise can enter into that room. Under the ceiling lines roof is living room, it can be a lounge because the people who sit at there can enjoy the fresh view of trees and mount. The living room consists of some soft sofas in gray colors and a table in the centre. The other living room which has same function to be a lounge is located near transparent glaze wall. The long soft sofa with two white cushions is standing near the wall. The glass table is standing in the centre. In the other side are two modern unique chairs. Next to them is traditional fireplace model.

The stair is designed with brick which is covered by cement. The roof over the house is also like that. The bedroom is designed in white and facing the big glass window. Most of all rooms are designed by simple idea but still elegant. The large space in each room makes the room have high class atmosphere.

There are the appearances of the home with simple design. It is hope from simple home design photos you can get much inspiration about simple home.

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