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The people need a house living which provide a good condition, and some of people chose elegant apartment as their option to live. Actually, it just simple model of apartment, but it has glamour side in every side of room, and of course its furniture. The modern model of furniture, interior, and also condition of room make people can stay a long in apartment, if it is arranged as well. With only simple room in each corner, the simple furniture can be put easily. Actually, this kind of apartment is efficient, where the spot among of the room is not really far, and people can do their activity efficiently. For example like reading room which near of kitchen. It just separated by book shelves on reading room side, and for kitchen side become television space. So, people while cook, they can watch television. And then, people don’t have to go far if want to make a cup of coffee to accompany reading a book.

Elegant Apartment Arrangement

Like what already mentioned above, that this kind of apartment is elegant, but it designed into simple model too. Elegant apartment design is relative for people who live in the middle of city and always busy with their work. The glamour sense of furniture in every side of room, actually make people easy to do their activities. The reason because glamour thing always modern and practice. The busy people always need something practice and efficient, so they prefer to chose those kind of model. The modern furniture make their easily to do. However, even it is modern and glamour; there is a fireplace too inside of reading room. People or owner deliberately design and put it on that room in order to add good feeling of nuance. The fireplace itself also set up with modern model. There is like one box with glass covered, then it contained by buffering of wood material, and there are ventilations which become an access for smoke outside.

Almost all of cabinets, tables, chair, and many other things use glamour model and modern side of furniture for a whole inside of room. Starting from living room which consist from sofas, table, and completed with television. It also covered by carpet on bottom of sofas. Next, the reading room consist from smart shelves, where the shelves not only to arrange the books, but also for saving mini bench and table. Those bench and table can be folded into shelves, and put out again if people want to use. The dining room and bedroom is simple, where it just consists from usual furniture, and there is no such kind of complicated ornaments.

Elegant Apartment Condition

The main condition of apartment decided by good arrangement of each furniture or property. The owner always thinks about the replacement of each stuff, and the important function of it. Because the main model is simple, it easy to be set up and people also can do their activity easily and efficient. Elegant apartment nuance can be combined with outside panorama which can be seen from outside through glass window in reading room, or other rooms.

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