Simple Contemporary House with Single Story Design in Australia

Fascinating Bedroom Design Using Glass Wall Installation Plus Wall Mural And Concrete Grey Floor

This is an examination about a beautiful contemporary house at Dolphin Sands, Tasmania. Built in simple style, the building has only single story design. Rosevear Architects named this masterpiece as the Churchill Residence and done it in the year of 2013. Spacious savanna is surrounding the building. To help the owner enjoying the views, lots of transparent walls been built around the house. Now, you can enjoy the great scenery from every corner of your dwelling.

Take a look at this picture. The exterior is simple, isn’t it? One story with flat geometric style. Glass body of the house presents you a dazzling look of contemporary among the nature. The house is been built on a concrete base. You must pass the stairs to reach the entrance before get inside the house. In another side, the contemporary house design also provides a different look. Concrete walls with block pattern are colored in grey. It creates the facade of this beautiful residence.

Now, this wooden deck will take us inner to the house. You will pass a huge door that made from painted woods, with certain gaps of each wooden stick. Inside the house you could enjoy your time sitting and chit-chatting with your beloved family in this living room. The area that facing right towards the outside is clearly transparent. You can spread your views beyond without limitation. As the furnishing, you can have a comfortable green sofa with nailed upholstery. A black rug and a simple glass table are located right in front of the sofa.

In another area, you will see a modern kitchen with black and white domination here. Long and spacious black cabinets are stuck on the wall. It has mirror wall, which reflects the scenery of the window across it. Now you can see a perfect modernity given by this site. Isn’t it amazing? Built-in oven is available, with a white kitchen island stands on the floor, right across the black cabinets. Just get the contemporary house design ideas pictures for better references.

Modern Kithen Design White Kithen Island And Long Black Cabinets Stuck On The Wall That Has Mirror Wall In It

Unique Huge Door That Made From Painted Woods With Certain Gaps Of Each Wooden Stick

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Another Bathroom Design Using White Clean Colcor Themewith Ceiling Lighting

Beautiful Living Area With Wall Painting And Statue Ornaments With Outdoor Scenery From Transparent Glass Wall

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fantastic-modern-bathroom-design-with-red-backsplash-bathroom-tile-and-white-sink-also bathroom-mirror
modern-kithen design-white-kithen-island-and-long-black-cabinets-stuck-on-the-wall-that-has-mirror-wall-in-it


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