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Have you ever thought about Two in One House? Yes, one of the unique concepts these days is to make a home that is a combination of two previous homes. If you are getting bored with the current design of your home, it is good to start thinking about holding an “expansion” by combining two homes into one. The following article about two in one house design in Melbourne can probably inspire you.

How to Build Two in One House

Combining two houses into one certainly is not easy. Many people are thinking of overhauling and re-create a new design rather than having to combine the two. We must consider the room that we will eliminate, or simply by combining what it is to make a connecting door. If you have a big budget, you can create re-design renovation, and build Chic Two in One House which will change the initial design of the house and change the appearance of the overall. Of course both houses must apply the same design.

As for this two in one home design in Melbourne, at first a house was smaller than others, so the owner changed redesign and give the same design on both houses, with a unique brick wall and a shiny wooden floor as main setting of the house.

Two in One House with Balcony

The selection of brick walls structure and wood floors are the main points of the construction of this house, because they look harmonious. Wide windows with transparent glass also make you free to look out, to the garden filled with greenery and palm trees. A wooden staircase is the access to the second floor, which is a private work space with contemporary white sofa and a desk and chair in one corner of the room. This Chic Two in One House Design also comes with a balcony on the second floor which made as comfortable as possible, with a set of chairs and cane table with palm trees.

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