Sensational Interior Decoration for Your Artistic House

Modern White Living Room Sofa With Black Wall Background And Sconces Also 3D Artwork

Mixing the artistic and unique design will give you a new feel which is interesting. When you are spending your holiday in another country, you may need a private house which can make your holiday more interesting. With the artistic interior decoration, the house will look more appealing. Sohu Designs is making an awesome design which will amaze you. This vacation home at the heart of the city project becomes the answer for you who like to have a happy holiday in a sensational house.

In this project house, you can see the glossy black tile wall is applied on a side. An abstract ornament is installed on it. A white sofa with white cushions makes the wall more interesting. The square standing lamps are placed on the sides of the sofa. A black rug is completing the look of this side. On the other side, the comfortable interior decoration design will catch your eyes. A long grey pattern L-shaped sofa is located facing the wall. The wooden wall in front of it is completed with a black Flat screen TV. Wooden long drawers also placed near the wall.

Wooden chairs also located near the sofa. Small rounded wooden table is placed beside it. A wooden rounded table with grey lather around it is located between the sofa and chair. Behind the sofa, there is a dining table. The glazed dining table is surrounded by the grey chairs. You can have a dinner in comfort from it. Watching movies while you eat will also interesting.

For the bedroom, the white double bed is placed near the wooden wall. Artistic ornaments are placed on the wooden wall. White cushions and white quilt increasing the comfort of the bed. On the other bedroom, two single beds are placed in line. Another interesting ornament is decorating the wall. With this interior decoration in bedroom, you will get a relaxing time in your break time.

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