Rhapsodic Flexible Apartment for Big Family

Simple Apartment Bedroom Integrated With Bathroom White Ceiling Wooden Floor

Right now many people intend to choose flexible apartment as family residence rather than home, especially for urban people. Apartment seems more simple and functional as its compact space area can deliver precise function as home did. In some cases, while the family is growing up which means they will need some added space for daily activity, a place such as Discovery Bay apartment in Hong Kong is designed to fulfill their needs.

Flexible Apartment Style

Take a glance look into some pictures which serving you with impressive ideas of two apartments combined for being comfort living area for big family. Living room at this contemporary flexible apartment is being the first step to see. While this apartment is in Hong Kong, Hong Kong traditional atmosphere is blending in some furniture such as the used of red lampion pendant lamp, magnetic yellow wallpaper, sunken L-shaped sofa in dark grey palette, and blind curtain’s idea to covering black window frame which installed along the room.

Those original ideas are making living room space looks comfort and somehow modern. Green fur rug and potted indoor plant are used to enhance natural ambience. Classic grand piano in dark wooden color is located between living room and dining room while modern bar stool is choose for completing sleek kitchen design with sharp lines kitchen cabinet made from beech wooden material and grey kitchen island with white backsplash.

Flexible Apartment Display

Moreover, there is a difference between kitchen’s flooring and dining area as the result of two apartments’ merger. While laminating wooden flooring is used for living room and dining area, natural stone flooring is apply at kitchen side. High-end home appliances are greeting every person whom comes in while angpao tree is being unique idea as accessories display. At the bedroom, there is mosaic poles located beside the bathtub shower in circle shape while cute candles in various color soften contemporary flexible apartment architecture impression though.

Simple Apartment Design Glass Window Green Fur Rug Hanging Ceiling Fan

Amazing Apartment Interior Home Theater Grey Sofa Wooden Floor

Astonishing Apartment Interior Wooden Floor And Dining Table Red Lampion

Astounding Flexible Apartment Grey Sofa Green Fur Rug Wooden Floor

Beautiful Flexible Apartment L Shaped Sofa Green Fur Rug White Ceiling Design

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