Renovated Airy Basement as Additional Room

Beautiful Basement Stair Design With White Color And Bright LED Lighting For Modern Basement Makeover Inspiration

Often used as storage space in dusty and neglected look, basement actually can be used as additional indoor space for your residence. You can renovate the space to be an airy basement which will be perfect for additional family room in more private way. The airy space will be a perfect choice for the basement since it is often available with low ceiling feature. If it is not redesigned and arranged properly, you will create a narrow space instead.

The easiest way to create a cozy airy basement is by using the white tone as the main feature of the interior. Not only offering the benefit of a base color, which is to combine perfectly with other tones, the light shade will help you in creating an illusion of a wider space from its clean detail. If you are done painting the whole part in white tone, then you can add splash of colors in any part you want, for example is the Basement B project designed by msX2, which encompasses the neutral shade of walnut and maple and the patterned accent for the storage space in stone pattern. This will be the easiest way to add textured accent in this nearly all-white space.

As for the lighting, you can choose the modern one. If you prefer the one with pendant rather than a built-in one make sure that you hang the lighting in proper length to avoid the head gets bumped. It is important due the low ceiling feature often found in any basement. The Basement B project prefers the modern circular one in white tone to glow the light brighter. Another lighting feature can be seen on one side of the wall from the use of built-in LED lighting installed horizontally. This will help you in creating effect on the wall, especially when you choose to decorate this wall space with photograph or artwork.

Rather than using the wooden or iron risers, the stair as an access to this space is decorated with transparent glass. Although coming in small details, the glass will be helpful in creating the airy space, which is the main feature of this cozy airy basement design as well. The stair itself is covered in white tone wholly, just like the basement space. Later, you will have to consider the air circulation system, which is important for any reason. If you cannot install windows, you can install the clerestories in sufficient amount instead.

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