Remarkable Seafront House with Open Air Terrace and Elegant Interior

Awesome Spa Room With Small Glass Windows

The beauty of a seafront house is determined by the panoramic surrounding view and the design of the house itself. It is presumably acquired by the Waters Edge Beach House which was managed by COA around 2009. Located in the coastal area of Cape Town, South Africa, this house could be very remarkable with the warm tone which is obtained from the wood exterior wall and railings. The open air terrace that faces the beach and ocean has become the favorite place on which you will hourly spend your time bathing the sunlight. To ensure the comfort, some tanning chairs are provided for everyone who is obsessed with tanned skins. The second floor logia also provide the same sensation. The clean sight of the ocean will make you love this place since the first.

However, there is a place of this house that you should not miss, the swimming pool. The size of this pool is not too large or small. The moderate size has given another space for the patio and others tanning seats. The size of the patio is large enough since it can support an outhouse in which you can clean yourself after swimming. This patio, however, has become the part of the contemporary seafront house since its design is synchronized with the main house design.

The interior is not much different with the beautiful design of the exterior. The elegant and cozy atmosphere is shown by the dining room which is adjacent to the living room and kitchen. Those rooms are sharing the same long room and organized without any dividers. This technique has made the interior looks very airy in its bright scheme. The color which is applied to the furniture is also in the same tone. The example can be seen that the entire room is dominated with soft grey color and warm wooden color.

However, the furniture which is presented in the room looks very elegant in its minimalist color. It also can also mixed in the theme of contemporary beach house furniture that make the overall design looks mingle and nice.

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