Relaxing Findlay Residence with Green Front Yard

Relaxing Findlay Residence With Green Yard And Unique Outdoor Couch In White Color

For a great home living design, there is one of the most interesting Findlay Residence. That kind of residence design is very relaxing because the residence is finished with the green view that has been applied in the front area of the house design. The house looks relaxing because of the existence of green front yard design idea that has been applied on the front area of the house outdoor space design. In the front area of the house, there is also a kind of a comfortable outdoor living space. The outdoor living space of the house is furnished with the simple furniture design idea.

The furniture design that has been applied in that front area is able to make a house has more relaxing look. There are two kinds of furniture that has been applied in that Findlay Residence Design. The first one is the furniture that has been finished in the white color. Another is the outdoor furniture that has been finished with the black color design idea. The front door of that house is the door that has been designed in a sliding design and it has glass material. That door design is very unique and interesting because of the transparent look to the house indoor area space design.

In the living room of that house interior design, there is a kind of bean bag design. That bean bag design has black color. It is applied on the white flooring unit design idea. Even though in the inside of the living room, there is also a very interesting plant.

The existence of floral decorating idea in that living space is very unique and elegant. In the dining room, there is also a small wooden dining table. It is very interesting and looks classic to be applied in the Findlay Residence by Splyce Design home living interior.

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