Private Wooden Cottage in The Wilderness Area of Norway

Transitional Cottage With Traditional Wood Exterior Surround With Rocky Mountain

Located in the wilderness of Vega, Norway, the wooden cottage designed by Kolman Boye Architects has shown us the design of folktale house which looks abandoned. The concept of this house is very unique since you will never guess the lovely interior when you are judging the exterior. This building which known as Vega Cottage is named after the name of the region on which this small house is built. Placed in the middle of nowhere, this house isolated from others’ interference as it can provide the real private time of this isolation. The environment is highly supporting this dramatic nuance as the rock and smog really resembles of which from the fairy tale.

The exterior of this building is dominated by the sight of wooden siding. The dramatic color of the siding has improved the nuance and it also makes the house to blend calmly with the environment. The wooden cottage designs have also been brilliant since the rustic and abandoned exterior is the only deception to hide the bright and lively nuance of the inside. This converse has made this house special for everyone who lives in this house.

The outdoor diversion actually hides the calmly and homey space to live. The design enhances the bright nuance which is very friendly to the eyes. The friendliness is the covered by the neat wooden wall of the interior. The large window panes which front the sight of the sea have also enriched the solitary nuance when you stay in this house. The bright and limitless sight is another factor which will make you really free in this wilderness.

However, the minimalist details given to this cottage have prompted other sides of enjoyment. While others are gloried with the temptation of glamour city, this cottage offers minimalist living which is more refreshing and stress-free. The amazing view provided by the wooden cottage screen doors and windows panes will have lead you to the real peace that you won’t get in the crowded place.

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