Pretty Contemporary Villa in a Private Island with Perfect Design

Modern Home With Natural The Section

The Studio RHE built an amazing contemporary villa on a private island in Seychelles. Planned to be opened in 2015, the Residence One, a member of the Zil Pasyon resort has a perfect facilities to support itself as an extraordinary living space. It has its own bridge and moat, surrounded by spacious blue ocean. Two pools are provided, green views are everywhere. Surely you could spend your holidays in the most interesting ways here.

Take a look at these pictures of the island. Green hills with lots of grass and stones spread everywhere. White waves of the ocean hit the coast and coral, making a great scenery that you can never forget. In bright days, the blue skies present you a great weather to relax. Half of this private island is still covered by dense greens, creating a natural forest next to the coast. Don’t you think that the contemporary villa designs could blend in perfect architectural with the circumstances?

Various trees grow on the green land, include the coconut trees as a tropical tree icon. There, on the top of the hill, a beautiful residence been built among the grey stones. Its appearance shows concrete and glass combination, also grey, black, and transparent looks. An infinity pool from the further is able to be seen on the yard, surrounded by concrete wall. Lower from the ground, a curved pool is also able to be enjoyed to in your free times. Can you imagine spending your days in a place like this?

Red lights from the sunset will enlighten up the residence with a spectacular show of the nature. All of this views are could be seen from inside the house because most of the areas are transparent. See the picture of the living room. This all are white and clean, with a giant opened area towards the blue sea. Above this room, as the ceiling is the swimming pool. Yup, that infinity pool on the yard has glass flooring, which is connected to this living room area. Getting curious? Enjoy the contemporary villa interior design in pictures provided for more ideas.

Modern Large Bedroom With Modern White Day Bed Sofa Also Modern Surround Glass Windows

Modern Living Room With Deibet Chairs And Coffee Table Also Chandelier Plus Grey Floor Decor

Owesome Little Island With An Exlusive Resort

Site Plan For Exlusive Resort With Two Bedroom Two Pool One Kithen Mini Bar Mini Kithen And Two Bath Room

A Good Ideas For Bedroom With Indoor Pool Transparent Windows Glass Arch Lamp Bench Picture Frame Work Table And Lcd Tv

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inpiring-for-living-room-with-library-mini bar- transparant-roof
site-plan-for-exlusive-resort-with-two-bedroom-two-pool-one kithen-mini bar-mini kithen-and two bath room
exclusive-resort-on-the-middle dark
an-axclusive-resort-on-private island
a-good-ideas-for-bedroom-with-indoor-pool-transparent windows-glass-arch-lamp-bench-picture-frame-work table-and-lcd-tv
an-exlusive-resort-enjoy with two pool-the beautiful view


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