Powerful Concrete Contemporary Residence in Minimalist Design

Brick Rear Wall Of The House Wooden Wall Green Grass

To build a strong living place, concrete material has been chosen in a concrete contemporary residence construction. It is probably more expensive than bricks but it gives more powerful structures. This house design can be found in Cotacachi, Quito, Ecuador. As a small city, it offers the people with fresh and quiet nuance surrounded by variety vegetation and clear sky which become the supporting value in this location.

Concrete Contemporary Residence: the First Floor

Wood is another material to complement the concrete to build a strong and comfortable living place. The concrete contemporary residence idea is planned in minimalist design with flat roof and less decorations. Before entering the two-story house, there is a kind of barren facade, because there is only flat path and plain exterior. What makes it impressive is the facade in the second floor where there is wooden walls with some stripes that cause unique design.

Concrete Contemporary Residence: the Second Floor

The spacious interior will straight amaze you with the use of wood in some elements. Since it is a new building, there is no furniture place inside, but we can look at the elegant kitchen island and white cabinets in small kitchen space. Wooden staircase is as the access to go upstairs and the steel railings are built to give optimum protection in the second floor. This area features private bedrooms and bathrooms with glass material as the additional accent to give stylish look.

It has not been expected before that concrete and wood will become a perfect combination in a house. Concrete is usually used to build tall buildings and bridges as the heavy function to accommodate thousand people and large vehicles. However, the architect of this house has proven that concrete looks good for your residences and if you have the right plan and design, it will create a wonderful house. The powerful concrete contemporary residence idea delivers the occupants maximum quality of a living place.

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Flat Roof Wooden Wall Minimalist Design Idea

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