Pleasurable Sensational Apartment in Promising Area

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Wall Minimalist Bathroom Apartment Design

Greenwich area is a place to called crossroads space between Soho, Tribeca, and the Hudson River Park which having small space for a sensational apartment building.

Transparent Sensational Apartment

Let’s take a look of some reviews about this place. We will begin from the elevator which dealing with front door of sensational street apartment. After passing the front door, there is small area for mudroom which keeping guests’ and even owner’s outdoor item such as boots, jacket, umbrella, and so on. Besides the mudroom, there is kitchen area while another side is for bedroom. At the front of mudroom, master bedroom is located together with private bathroom while public bathroom is build near the library area. Library is at the font of living and dining space which put beside the kitchen area.

Now, let’s go to interior concept. At dining room, there is high laminating wooden table, white and blue modern dining chairs, and tulip pendant lamp in white palette while at kitchen area, there is transparent bar stool matched with white marble kitchen island. As it said that this building is installed in transparent concept which mean it having glass installation along the apartment. There is polka dot white pole as display decoration and dark grand piano located at living room’s corner matched with wooden sofa with white flat cushions, yellow artistic couch, and glass table.

Sensational Apartment Atmosphere

However as music lovers, there is DJ appliances close to dining area while kitchen space is designed in slim and sleek atmosphere by the use of dark rectangular stone tile flooring, white overhead storage and cabinet, metallic high-end kitchen appliances, and loose drapery as accessories. In reverse, master bedroom is using dark green wallpaper, sand flooring accent, leather couch, and grey classic headboard which giving sensational street apartment project rich impression.

Greenwich Street Project Apartment Design Architecture Outlay

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