Picturesque Concrete House with Surging Wall

Amazing Concrete House Facade By Daeyang Gallery And House

While wooden material and glass detail commonly used for building simple residence, another idea is concrete house. Concrete is durable material with strength texture which will fight for any seasonal activity. In Seoul, South Korea, there is Daeyang Gallery and House designed by Steven Holl Architects which combining concrete material with another usual house’s material for gaining complex image of house’s design.

Concrete House Gallery

Here is the picture list of gorgeous Daeyang gallery. Of course that the concrete house panel is using concrete material from exterior to interior. Terracotta concrete is blending with glass wall and natural stone aspect. Surging wall at the façade with Korean touching style becomes good point from the first sight. The way things are used along the façade for enhancing chic and traditional atmosphere at the same time. The magic thing is large swimming pool installed along the house, it actually covered the whole main building which making the place looks floating because of surrounded by water area.

Laminating wooden ceiling is combined with glass wall and even glass flooring. Hidden light wooden storage is installed for making this décor seems clean and large. White space layout is used at another home’s side with broken white or let say grey staircase from concrete material. However, this house builds with two floors up with each floor reflecting the simple and natural interior thing. Moreover, there are not many furniture posit at this place since it must be keeping serenity and simplicity values

Concrete House Adaptation

Going back to outside area, instead of English garden this gallery is decorated by bamboo garden before stepping up into the next floor. At the night, soft yellow lighting is improving intimate situation by the use of water area and building’s material combination. In short, this concrete house panel work offer a simple solution for harmonizing with weather mood that makes this place can be recommended to adopted.

Astounding Terracotta Concrete Wall Facade By Daeyang Gallery And House

Great Blending Concrete Wall With Glass And Natural Stone By Daeyang Gallery And House

Mesmerizing Laminating Wooden Ceiling Combined With Glass Wall And Floor

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Mesmerizing-Laminating-Wooden-Ceiling-Combined-With-Glass-Wall-And Floor


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