Piampiano Residence: A Private Residence for a Perfect Escape

Piampiano Residence Wood House Exterior Holiday House Design

When talking about a perfect escape from daily life that is so full of things to do and hectic hours, it cannot be denied that a place like Piampiano Residence is a perfect choice to choose. This residence is actually a creation of Studio B Architect that is purposely built in Woody Creek, Colorado, USA which is well-known not only with its beautiful riverside view but also it calm and quite surroundings. A place like this is such a perfect option that can make every escape perfect, right?

In Piampiano Residence, there are quite a lot of prominent values can be found. The most significant one is that this house is actually quite environmental-friendly house. The reason is because it uses a lot of natural light source that can make the interior of the Studio B Architect Piampiano Residence to be so bright at day. This natural light can enter the house because the designers include a lot of large-size windows in the house design. The windows do not only give more panoramic views that can be seen without going out of the house but can also fulfill the need of light in the house at day.

The interior of this Piampiano Residence looks quite simple with the choice of various modern furniture, appliances, and decorations. The combination of soft colors and some darker ones go well perfectly. The fewer walls used to separate each room in the modern Piampiano Residence add more spacious impressions in there. If being asked about which room is the best in this house, it can actually be said that all rooms have their specialty. Even so, the bedrooms seem to be more special because of the fact that they also has panoramic views that can possibly create a better quality rest in the relaxingly sweet escape in this eco-friendly house.

Piampiano Residence Waterfront House Design

Piampiano Residence In Winter Season

Piampiano Residence Night Facade

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