Perfect Rich Wood Becomes the Best Option in Wooden House Design

Stunning White Carved Wooden Door Teak Wardrobe Glass WIndow

People who have a house that uses a wooden material as a domination material can uses rich wood as a domination material for their house. It is very important to be applied because a unique, exotic and beautiful design created by rich woods can make your house to be more exotic and beautiful. Wooden material used in every part of a house can be colored by using a bright and soft color such as grey, white and other to make your house to look brighter and modern.

Wooden material placed in a living room can be made creatively to get a natural and interested view from a house. A large window collaborated with wooden construction surrounding living room becomes appositive side of design of rich wood home. A large size of sofa with dark color can add an artistic value of a living room that will be a comfortable place for relaxing. A natural color of a wooden material is often used for a floor design. For a ceiling and wall design that uses a wooden material can be designed by applying some colors to make a house to be more beautiful.

A certain design of rug can add an interested design of a room that uses a wooden material design of its floor. A contrast color between rug design and natural color of wooden floor creates a perfect color combination for a house interior design,

A large door inside a house relating between rooms to other rooms can be designed by using a wooden carve. It will make a house to look more beautiful and artistic. It also becomes a second option after using curtain for designing a large door inside a house. The design of wooden carve inside a home become a special characteristic of applying wooden material to create rich wood real estate that is very beautiful.

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