Perfect Modern House in Brazil with Wooden Shutters and Pool

Lovely Wooden Door For Rear Exterior With Open Family Room Design

This modern house is named by Ipes House. Located in San Paulo, Brazil, this was designed by Studio MK27 and Lair Reis. They created a super masterpiece with lots of opened area, complete with well furnishing and amenities. The design blurs the boundaries given by the circumstances. No one will deny living in this perfect residence.

Take a look at this first picture. This shows you the backyard area of the dwelling. A real spacious swimming pool is been built there to complete the modern house design. No wooden deck, but concrete surrounds the pool. Some lazy seats with grey pads are available to comfort you. From this area, you can see how the house building was created. It has geometric style, within a combination of concrete and woods. The first level has no walls like that because the opened style is applied there.

If you look at it more, you will slowly enjoy the atmosphere of the backyard. Lots of trees are planted there. Simply, greens, woods, water, and stones are all combined together to create a beauty system. In another picture you will see how the wooden shutter of the second level works. It is foldable, and when it is opened, you can see a spacious transparent window behind it. Different picture also shows you that the front area of this house is using the same tricks of shutter too.

If you fold the front shutter, there is no glass limiting the area, but you will be taken into the residence. Stand on the concrete path before the entrance shutter. You can see a spacious living room with perfect furnishing is waiting for you there, inside the house. If the terrace has grey ceiling, the inner area has the white one. However, both of those areas were created on a same flooring design. Get more details from the modern house design pictures provided here

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