Perfect Modern House Design in Mexico

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This modern era, of course modern house is the main trend in housing design creation and of the best of those creations is this wonderful modern house design. This amazing modern house design is so simple in architectural design yet so beautiful and that is what makes modern design style so valuable. It can make perfect beauty by using very simple design. Of course this kind of design is not easy to make and it needs experienced designer and craftsmanship to create it, but despise of those facts, this incredible modern house design surely deserve a lot of credits from all of use.

Modern House Design; Exterior Beauty

This stunning modern house design is called casa Natalia and it is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. This perfect modern house design is mostly created by using concrete and it has simple rectangular shape with unique outdoor ornament. This superb modern house design is also equipped with small garden in the front of the house. The designer chooses white color to coat the outer part and that is what makes this house even simpler. Since it is build in a very small area, this outstanding modern house design is equipped with basement garage and that what make this house even more modern.

Modern House Design; Interior Beauty

The interior design of this modern house design is also the one that deserves a lot of credits. It mostly manufactured by using wood material and combine with modern furniture selection. Contradict to the outer part, this inside part is full of natural element and it feels so cozy. Having this kind of simple interior design will give us a lot of advantages because it will be easy to combine with any other element that we want to add.

I think this casa Natalia can be such a great example for anybody who want to create modern house design. Stunning modern house design is not easy to make and only few of modern houses that perfectly created and Casa Natalia is one of them.

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