Palatial Mediterranean Studio for Sleek Design

Flat Roof Wooden Wall Dining Room Glass Windows

Minimalist concept could take into your consideration for comfort and sleek design such as Mediterranean studio style designed by Isern Associates located in Sent Pol de Mar, Spain. This exotic building bring urban concept at hill scenery project.

Mediterranean Studio Decoration Style

Take a look at some creative values from this style decoration. The modern Mediterranean studio is build just like boxes shape construction by using natural stone material. Because it’s build at the hill so the main building is following the land contour. Soft yellow lighting is used to softened grey stone palette which dominated the building’s exterior. There is sunken wood lodge at backyard terrace for keeping woods for winter season. The terrace itself is so amusing with combination of wooden flooring and cement ceiling and wall. Sliding glass door with light wooden frame in soft brown color is used as room separator between indoor area and terrace.

However, there is not many furniture at this house for keeping simplicity atmosphere. At the dining room, there is only glass dining table matched with white and wooden seat then the kitchen area is decorated by white backsplash for enhancing wide impression. Master bedroom still does similar style with open space deck, pure white bedcover and slim design of bathroom. Standing shower is covered by glass door while wooden cabinet for sink is located beside the shower. Dealing with those items, there is hidden closet in white palette.

Mediterranean Studio Strategy

Furthermore, while unflustered natural stone becomes wall concept at this private room, old wooden ceiling is being installed in similar tile style. There is no furniture at deck area because it must be too small to put anything. This creative modern Mediterranean studio might be comfortable for holiday inn while indoor plant or such a vine leaves should help to make this room seems warmer but still elegant.

Green Spruce Wooden Wall Flat Roof

Sliding Glass Door Large Glass Windows Wooden Terrace Floor

White Round Table Glass Door Wooden Ceiling

White Wall Wooden Ceiling White Bed Master Bedroom

Wooden Ceiling Wooden Terrace Floor Large Glass Windows

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