Palatial Apartment Renovation as Compatible Style

Black Chairs Wooden Chairs Marble Dining Table White Sofas

The combination of modern and old buildings must be very tempting to see, apartment renovation is one of them. Located in Taipei City, Taiwan this apartment had been renovated as modern building for urban choices. This place is keeping its exterior while using modern style as interior. That’s why it looks compatible between artistic old area and sharp lines modular concept from modern style.

Modular Apartment Renovation Design

Let’s take a look into some pictures that will serve you with urban apartment design. Clean line and modular design is being the iconic concept from urban apartment renovation which must be eye catching both for the owner and the guest. Marble dining table with wooden cantilever combined with dark wooden bench in one side and a couple of dark arm chair at another side. Rectangular simple lamp is installed hanging above the table attached to white ceiling with dark transparent backsplash as layout.

White marble material is also used as wallpaper décor matched with high-end appliances such as flat television. However, there is not many interior items which make the whole room seems larger. Horizontal white blind curtain is covering the window frame while white velvet sofa is located facing television set as the perfect place to enjoy free time or after working event. Behind the sofa’s area, there is small deck with wooden flooring and indoor plant put at the room corner. The hallway is keeping in sleek and clean design with hidden storage installed in there.

Sharp Apartment Renovation

Eventually, at master bedroom, platform bed is matched with sand marble wallpaper and mini office corner. There is hidden book shelve in another corner reverse to office corner while bathroom is designed in compact size with standing shower, iron towel handle, granite sink, and rectangular mirror as the feature of urban apartment renovation idea which enhancing sharp impression at this  place.

Flat Television Marble Wall White Glossy Floor White Bed White Ceiling

Flat Television White Ceiling Marble Dining Table White Velvet Sofa White Glossy Floor

Flat Television White Marble Materialis White Velvet Sofa Indoor Plant

Indoor Plant Glass Windows Urban Apartment Design

Marble Dining Table Marble Wall Black Chairs White Sofas

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