Orange House Exterior Walls with Wooden and Stony Touches

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A great example of a beautiful house exterior is given by a house in Torres Vedras, Portugal. This 2013’s house is called as Varatojo House, and done as the Atelier Data’s project. Atelier is a well-known designer with Lisbon base architectural. Unique characteristic is even given by the exterior. Orange walls of the building are combined by lots of wooden boards with old looks, also unfinished concrete area. Surrounded by lots of greens around, this residence looks even more amazing.

See this first picture. Simple architectural from behind the house presents you a dazzling look. Its high and sloping roof is completed by a spacious built-in area that used as a roof garden with homogeny green plants. Under the orange walls, you also can see a smaller part of the building that is covered by concrete looks. Its pattern is unique and beautiful. Next to the building here, green grass and trees will greet you with joyful and happiness. Aren’t they a perfect combination of house exterior colors?

The next picture shows you the inner yard and exterior of the residence. As the fences, you can see hundreds wooden boards with rustic style stand together to bordering the area of the residence. Another unique part of this house is its lower ground that is filled by dense greens from various types. Another picture shows you another side of the house, with same height land with the building. The ground is covered by grass. The building’s walls are created by wooden boards and some glass doors installation. Creative and beautiful.

If you take a look carefully, now you know what is in the lower ground. That sloping land will take you underground, into an indoor area of swimming pool. Yes, the pool is separated. It is built under the main building, surrounded by glass wall around. Whenever you are swimming here, you can enjoy the green scenery given by the grassy sloping ground outside. On the grassy ground there, a rounded concrete area is completed with two nailed pads. You can use it to spend your time relaxing under the sun lights. See the house exterior colors pictures for easier explanation.

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