Nifty Garden Suite as Eden Garden

Vuelta A Empezar Bedroom And Bathroom Outlay

Today, most of people intend to build eco-friendly place in natural setting, one of the examples is garden suite in Barcelona, Spain. This building is designed by Ague y Seta as a part of Volta an Emperor project. This design set to boosting your mood by placing some plants as interior and exterior décor.

Garden Suite Impression

Look at some photo collections of garden setting at suite residence then find your own idea to apply this at your residence. Placing many plants at home as garden suite interior means open space style must be needed for giving them good air circulation and enough sun shine at the day. That’s why this suite has less thick room separator instead of using glass door and installing natural material such as wooden window, natural stone wallpaper, and wooden interior items. The master bedroom is decorated in solid color as a combination of dark grey and white palette. As it mentioned that glass door is applying as room divider between bedroom and bathroom.

As bedroom interior, there is garden layout behind the headboard. This layout having details like wooden fence, wood tendrils, and of course green leafs. This room also applies natural stone wallpaper material matched with beech wooden layout. Dark bed is put completing with mocha fur blanket and velvet pillow. Artistic wooden sculpture is place beside the bed as corner desk then at another side there is multiple racks displaying red apple interior standing with slim floor lamp in black palette.

Natural Garden Suite

However, those multiple racks are putting in each bed side to enhance garden Eden atmosphere. Moreover, bathroom idea is coming with more natural idea by placing rectangular ceramic bathtub surrounding by some environmental details such as coral stone as stepping floor, indoor plant in natural stone pot, wooden storage, and wooden towel handle. Besides, hanging vine leaves close to closet area is really amusing for this garden suite interior design in suite building.

Vuelta A Empezar Master Bedroom Brown Bedboard Design

Vuelta A Empezar Plant Wall Decor Outlay

Vuelta A Empezar Wall Outlay

White Floor Bown Wall Wood Decor Hedboard Design

White Sink And Closet Glass Partition Bathroom Design

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