New-Fashioned Brown House in Stunning View

Modern Brown House In Stunning View In 2013 With Awesome Living Room And White Sofa Flat Screen Television Glass Table Brown Fur Carpet

Modern house comes in many colors; brown house is one of the examples. This modern brown house has stunning view both inside and outside. The stunning view is supported by the shape and the furniture.

It is visible from the outside that brown is painted on the wall. The brown color is featuring with blue color that is painted in some parts. A rectangular pool is the extra feature of this outdoor side. This pool is followed with two grey sofas facing it and two grey vases along the side of the wall. The brown house properties can be seen more when entering the house. Grey sofas and five additional sofas focus on glass-made side table. This living room has two function since flat television is put in front of the sofa, that are for guest room and entertainment room. Going beside the living room is kitchen with dining table beside the kitchen cabinets, as usual positioned. The kitchen cabinets are made in brown wood, but the surface is shined in grey. The dining table is following the color of cabinet surface.

The bedroom is floored with the same wood as outside. Wood is also be used as the material of the bed. The bed sheet is added in contrast color, white. Two seats is set also in the bedroom if reading book is what is wanted in the bedroom. Cream carpet coats half of the bedroom. Side table with the same material as what is used in bed is put for silver table lamp. Yellow flowers in the vase are balancing the yellow lamps above the bed. The way to the bedroom is contrast chosen in black and white. Everything in the bathroom and toilet I only colored with black and white. Black is applied for bathroom counters and toilet wall. The rest of bathroom is colored in white.

Choosing color theme for the house is one of simple idea to get. Be brave in contrasting one of the rooms in the house. Bathroom is the example for above. House plans can be made by favorite color.

Modern Brown House In Stunning View In 2013 With Bar Table And Brown Leather Chair Glass Window Unique Hanging Lamp Two Flower Vase White Sofa

Modern Brown House In Stunning View In 2013 With Brown Wall And Green Trees Iron Fence Glass Window

Modern Brown House In Stunning View In 2013 With Glass Dining Table And Black Dining Chairs Unique Hanging Lamp Fur Carpet Glass Window Modern Kitchen Modern Stove

Modern Brown House In Stunning View In 2013 With Grey Sofa And Rectangular Swimming Pool Wooden Floor White Dining Table Glass Table

Modern Brown House In Stunning View In 2013 With Large Rectangular Mirror And Black Wall White Toilet

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