Natural Contemporary Villa Setting in Village Area

Natural Contemporary Villa In 2013 With Awesome Bedroom Design And White Bed White Wall Wooden Floor Wooden Ceiling Large Glass Window

Village is one of alternative place for contemporary villa, where some people prefer to spend their holiday time in village nuance. The natural nuance and friendly environment make people can stay longer in that place. People usually chose a simple villa, but with great design. This contemporary adopted from the existence of classic model and furniture, then it combined with modern home model. The villa in village area already become a favorite place for people. Actually, in this example there is a simple villa, with simple design. This main villa designed unity with natural environment which exist around of that place. The main building also not really big, where it only consist from main building, and surrounded by a small garden. Inside of villa also use contemporary model. Where there are some combinations on its interior, furniture, and nuance of room. Some furniture tend to use wood component as main material.

Villa in this place can make people to get fresh air. Where the location is little bit far from city condition. Contemporary villa concept consist from triangle roof as exterior, then completed by some glass doors, and glass windows too. People also designed each room with great concept. The furniture and room element also united into one element. Then, it lead to the comfortable condition.

The design for villa itself also completed by some furniture which exist in almost a whole of room. Most of them made from wood component. The chairs, tables, sofa buffering, bookshelves, and etc are made from those kind of component. Beside that, this wood component used for floor design, and ceiling design. Because this villa adopt classic home model, some parts still formed from wood material, where this is one of classic element too.

Village always become a best place to spend holiday. It is not only because of main building of villa, but also friendly environment and natural environment. Village still provide those kind of thing, so it make people stay longer in that place. Simple contemporary villa become an alternative option for people who want spend their holiday time in village.

Natural Contemporary Villa In 2013 With Friendly Environment And White Wall Glass Window

Natural Contemporary Villa In 2013 With Glass Window And Wooden Ceiling Green Trees White Wall

Natural Contemporary Villa In 2013 With Large Glass Window And Sliding Glass Door Wooden Floor White Wall Black Wooden Wall Wooden Ceiling

Natural Contemporary Villa In 2013 With White Bed And Wooden Floor Wooden Ceiling

Natural Contemporary Villa In 2013 With White Wall And Glass Window Wooden Floor Wooden Ceiling Long Wooden Table Two Wooden Chairs

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