Natural Contemporary Lake House with Lake View

Comfortable Home Environment Green Trees And Beautiful Contemporary Lake House Designs

There have been many residences that can be very suitable to be a home stay during a vacation like the Contemporary Lake House that is located in Walloon Lake, MI, USA. That house looks very interesting from the outside and it is also equipped with the very interesting look to at the exterior and surroundings as well as the interior design of the house. Located in the best location to have a look to the lake view, there is a very amazing and interesting residence.

Contemporary Lake House; Outside View

That residence is located in lakefront location. From the outside, the house looks really elegant and it is also clearly seen that the Contemporary Lake House Designs is also equipped with the wooden material finished that is also able to make the appearance of the house looks a lot better and interesting. Besides that, the house is also finished with the best and with the most interesting look. That is really interesting from the outside of the house.

Besides having a very nice exterior design and green look, that house is also equipped with the very interesting and modern interior design. Inside the house, there is a very amazing and mesmerizing kitchen design. The kitchen design that has been designed in that lake house was finished with the best interior design. The kitchen is also equipped with the modern kitchen furnishings and kitchen appliances.

Contemporary Lake House; Second Floor

Besides kitchen, on the second floor of the house, the kitchen is also equipped with the very interesting living room. The living room is also equipped with the best and with the most unique decoration. The ceiling of the house was from the wooden material. It makes the living room of that house looks very elegant and comfortable. The furniture in that Contemporary Lake House Plans is also very comfortable, including the white colored sofa.

Comfortable Home Environment With Wooden Material Green Grass And Beautiful Contemporary Lake House Designs

Elegant White Sofa With Carpet Pattern Large Glass Window And Beautiful Livingroom Design

Flat Roof Glass Window With Wooden Floor And Beautiful Wooden Material Design

Glass Window With Wooden Ceiling Flat Roof Green Trees Green Grass And Beautiful Contemporary Lake House Designs

Green Grass Area With Comfortable Home Environment And Beautiful Contemporary Lake House Designs

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wooden-drawer-with-wooden-ceiling-orchid-flower-in glass-and-beautiful-modern-bathroom-design


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