Modest Sleek House at Large Land

Superb Modern Living Space And Openspace Design

The sleek house located in Australia is a kind of sophisticated residence as perfect combination between classic and modern value. People have no need to afraid of boring situation because this place has its unique design with broken white paint being dominant both for exterior and for interior. Moreover, large space making this residence having extended room space whether its for outdoor activity or for private space.

Take a look at some decorations of house designed by Canny. From the fa├žade, it totally broken white sleek house which design in preppy and clean shape. English fence style which made from white stone material and black metal fence are greet people whom need to come to the house. Green grass area is the next step before reaching front door area which showing classic view by the use of classic pendant lamp hanging on classic hallway while white wooden window shade is supporting the look of rich and classic ambience.

At the back side of the house, there is rectangular swimming pool which reflecting lighting perfectly from bright bulb lamp installation at second floor. Glass fence is being separator area between pool and terrace. However, its not only terrace but outdoor dining room with a set of slim dining furniture from high table to metal arm chair. Sliding glass door is being option for covering interior furniture. While natural stone flooring is installed for exterior, laminating wooden flooring is supported clean look of living room and kitchen space. Back to pool area, there is seating space such as eclipse cave in white palette with some pillows included for relaxing time after swimming.

In another hand, monochrome zebra velvet sofa is matched with built-in dark television rack with white dining table and round monochrome pendant lamp. Brown cracking marble flooring is posited at bathroom space that delivering right sense of broken white sleek house design in large space land.

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